For over a decade, Ms. Danica De La Mora has been following a plant-based lifestyle, building on her collection of knowledge through extensive research and lectures by knowledgeable and experienced health care professionals. She obtained a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She also holds a degree in Communication and Film Studies from St. Andrews University and is a graduate of the Barbizon modeling academy. She has a background in graphic design, print media, and multiple forms of editing, videography, photography, and photograph restoration, having been reared in a family who owns print publications all over the Southeast United States.

Ms. De La Mora has been strongly influenced by her family and with whom she is very close. She also has a background in Latin dance and ballroom, as well as music, with her grandmother’s ownership of a prestigious dance school for 50 years, and her father having placed fourth in the world on accordion. In addition to her own extensive research and experience with relationships, she has obtained a great deal of information through her mother’s wide-ranging occupational background involving social work, alcoholism, psychology, and print media publishing.

Ms. De La Mora  coaches groups and individuals who are interested in changing their diets for better health and permanent weight management. She helps people refine themselves with a traditional and conservative elegance. She also counsels ladies and gentlemen in their romantic relationships and helps them find the fulfilling lives they were destined to enjoy.

Ms. De La Mora  is happy to help anyone who has a desire for improvement in personal refinement, nutrition, romance, and more.

If you are interested in coaching or in taking her classes, you are welcome to send her an email.

E-mail: info@DanicaDeLaMora.com

Proud graduate of the Center for Nutrition Studies,
Cornell University

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