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Danica De La Mora is passionate about helping people improve their lives with healthy and elegant lifestyle guidance. She helps men, women, and children refine themselves with traditional elegance. Refinement encompasses many personal and lifestyle elements such as etiquette and poise, relationships and social interactions, morals and character, healthy nutrition, and more. Danica De La Mora helps people of all ages overcome and heal from destructive elements that have damaged families, broken individuals, and have hindered true success. She teaches people how to contribute to healthy, complimentary relationships instead of unknowingly sabotaging them. Let Danica De La Mora help you achieve the life you have always desired by enlightening your knowledge, revising your outlook, restructuring your actions, and helping you reap the rewards from tried-and-true wisdom that leads to success! When it comes to presenting and conducting oneself in all areas of life, elegance is everything!

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Meet Danica De La Mora

For more than a decade, Ms. Danica De La Mora has been following a plant-based lifestyle, building on her collection of knowledge through extensive study and educational lectures by doctors at the forefront of nutritional research. She obtained a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University. She also has a degree in Communication and Film Studies from St. Andrews University and is a graduate of the Barbizon modeling academy.

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Danica De La Mora counsels individuals who are interested in living a better life through improved relationships, personal refinement, character development, and healthy nutrition. If you would like some guidance and support, she is here to help.

Nutrition Revision

Whether you are interested in modifying your favorite recipes, replacing your kitchen contents with healthier items, constructing a meal plan, learning healthier cooking techniques and recipes, or learning to read labels, we've got you covered!


Draw people to you and present yourself with excellent poise, better social skills, proper language, and build your confidence with many other skills. Learn the tools that will make your life easier, enjoyable, and much more rewarding!

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